How to market your small business online with almost no budget?

This is a question lots of startups find themselves asking, and its answer might seem like the biggest mystery in the world. In fact, it’s at the marketing stage that most businesses quit just because of how challenging it is. Yet, quite a few have managed and even thrived. Here are our tips on marketing your small business online on a shoestring budget.

Look for the Right Channels

Not all marketing channels are the same. Sites like Quora are a great place to begin marketing your small business. This Q&A website gives answers to many sophisticated and complicated queries on Google, which are provided by experts.

To make it to the first page of Google search results, you need to develop and grow SEO strategies over a very long period of time, which is time you don’t have when you’re trying to get your business to take off. Quora’s questions and answers are already ranking on the first page of many searches. If you’re a professional in your field, answer a question that is already ranking at the top, and people upvote your answer, your answers will appear on the first page in just a few days. Then, lots of people will find out about your company.

Have a Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is crucial to a business’s success. Through it, you can connect with current and future customers in a personal way that helps you build relationships and gain brand exposure. However, you don’t have money to hire a good writer (or any writer), and you can’t cope with the writing yourself.

So how do you get started with content marketing?

There are actually a lot of things you can do. Best-of lists are very popular and easy to put together. An organic food shop could make a list of the best 100% organic recipes, for example.

If you’re in the fashion industry, you could make a video tutorial, like several ways to combine a belt with the right shoes. Show a side that’s unique to your business. You could upload an interview with an employee talking about his role at your company.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you could explain the production process for one of your items.

If you are active in charity initiatives, talk about and share pictures of the event you take part in.

Finally, try writing a product review – you don’t need talent to do that. Use a spreadsheet comparing several products or simple bulleted lists of pros and cons. Your business will take off in no time.