The 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Chicago in 2019

These companies are ahead of the rest in the rush to grow revenue rapidly. Check out our list of the 10 fastest-growing companies in Chicago in 2019.

1. Carepoint Pharmacies

Carepoint has seven pharmacies in five Midwestern states and offers at-home prescription delivery in 11 states. The company almost doubled its revenue in 2018. According to company data, the surge came from adding new locations in Columbus, Tampa, and Indianapolis. Carepoint’s CEO estimates that the company could reach up to $400 million in revenue this year, as well as double its workforce, which is currently 150-strong.

2. LotLinx Automotive

This digital marketing software company’s sales pitch has been embraced by car dealers: Its vehicle-specific digital advertising utilizes AI to tell when a client is ready to buy a car. LotLinx’s platform enables dealers to sell to clients directly.

3.  Foal Equestrian

This seller of equine equipment and apparel was actually the fastest-growing Chicago company in 2017. Thanks to heavy reliance on Amazon sales, the retailer has sustained rapid growth in 2019. Its UK revenue grew by 100% between 2016 and 2017, and it has expanded into China, Japan, and Australia since.

4. Snapsheet Insurance

This company processed 50,000 claims in 2013 and announced a round of $12 million Series D funding in 2018. The funding is led by Tola Capital, a Seattle-based company.

5. RevenueWell Systems

The patient communication software provider made a whopping $20.7 million in 2017. They’ve retained their focus on their main business, which is providing dentists with digital tools to automate tasks like appointment scheduling and market to patients.

6. Signal Marketing technology

Founded in 2010, this marketing software company helps brands use information about their customers to get better at marketing, advertising, and merchandising online.

7. Fooda Lunchtime

In the past decade, Fooda has become a national company with over 250 employees. It enjoys lucrative partnerships with more than 1,000 restaurants in 17 US cities.

8. Morgan Li

Morgan Li created most of Gap, Old Navy, and Walmart’s fitting room fixtures and merchandise displays. Its focus on customization has enabled it to achieve an average of 33 percent growth per annum since it was founded in 2009.

9. Fay Financial

Founded at the peak of the U.S. mortgage crisis a decade ago, Fay Financial specializes in management of high-risk residential mortgage loans. Since it was founded, over two-thirds percent of delinquent borrowers are on or have managed to complete a plan to avoid foreclosure. Fay works with homeowners throughout the US.

10. SAC Wireless

SAC Wireless has been growing steadily since its inception in 1996. It has never ceased to meet rising telecommunication industry demands as markets expand rapidly.